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From the time I was young, I intended to be a doctor. As a pre-med student in college, I began to ask the question: “How can I get the best results in the world for the widest variety of conditions?” I discovered that the ideal solution for most health problems is not a pill or procedure, it’s a process. This process requires the application of effective methods, sound principles, and intelligent actions to restore the body’s ability to repair itself.   It is my intention to help as many people as possible improve their health in the highest and best ways.

About Doug Wegner, L.Ac.

I’m often asked, “How did you get into acupuncture?” My answer is, “I was looking for the best healing techniques in the world.”

I was raised in a medical environment, my parents and their friends were my heroes, and from a young age I had decided to become a doctor.

Personal health challenges became more problematic as I grew up and eventually threatened my pre-medical college career. Disheartened to discover that my heroes couldn’t help me, I took matters into my own hands.

I manipulated my diet, experimented with movement therapies, and began meditating. My health improved quickly and dramatically.

Further research revealed a world of medical systems and health-promoting tools that effectively addressed the gaps in mainstream American healthcare. I vowed to come up with strategies to fill those gaps.

It was clear to me that one of those strategies had to include a redesign of the medical clinic business model. I knew we needed viable, sustainable clinics to provide therapies that get the best results possible for patients.

In 1986 I redirected my education and began designing my “Physician Entrepreneur” career path. My goals were to increase consumer access to effective “complementary therapies” through communications technology, upgrade the clinic model through the implementation of these therapies, create new businesses that delivered those therapies in innovative ways, and to innovate and create new therapies.

In other words, I wanted to create the kind of healthcare changes that Americans are desperate for. I didn’t enjoy my own pain and suffering, and I didn’t like the healthcare I was receiving so I did something about it. I hate seeing other people suffer, so I decided to do something about it.

In 1986 my “toolkit” consisted primarily of probiotics, superfoods, supplements, dietary protocols, and visualization meditations. Over the years, I added acupuncture, herbology, detoxification protocols, advanced meditation techniques, and movement therapies, upgrading them all, every time I was able, every step of the way.

For 3 decades I’ve been refining my craft. I’ve remained results-focused instead of brand-loyal, ideology-loyal or loyal to a source of income; I replace products, techniques, and strategic alliances whenever I find something that works better, which is precisely how medicine is supposed to be practiced.

WE ARE FORTUNATE! Mainstream American Healthcare combined with Holistic Healthcare that “fills in the gaps” creates the best healthcare the world has ever seen. It’s ironic and tragic that so few Americans know how to blend them together in life-changing and life-saving ways. I’m here to teach people how to do just that.

Best Life,
Doug Wegner


“It’s not a pill or procedure,
it’s a process.”

“If you lose your health, you lose everything else; if you gain your health, you gain...(fill in the blank).”

It's not a pill or procedure

Medicine’s a funny business. After all, dispensing chemicals is considered mainstream and diet and nutrition is considered alternative.”
― Charles F. Glassman



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“Don’t deny the diagnosis; just defy the verdict that is supposed to go with it.”

–Norman Cousins


“Healing is not a pill or procedure, it’s a process.”

-Doug Wegner

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