This program is for people who have a very big goal. This program is for people who want to, or have to, "set the bar high". Challenging goals bring out the best in us (according to research), therefore, this program should be for everybody. However, it is best understood by people who fall into one of the following categories:

*Professional Athletes
*Achievers & CEOs
*Anti-Aging Fans

*Terminally Ill Patients
*Patients with "Incurable" Illness
*People at "rock-bottom"

People in the BREAKTHROUGH category want to achieve more, be their best and ""stay in the game"".

People in the SURVIVE THEN THRIVE category have to ""set the bar high"" or else their condition and suffering will likely worsen.

An immersive, ""boot camp"" intensity is employed that demands attention to detail and a committment to massive action.

This program is for people who have a lot of ""fight"" in them or need to get it back. This is a big-work and big-reward proposition.

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