Covid-19 Prevention

Upon exposure to COVID-19… who is more likely to have a stronger immune response: a person who consumes mostly whole foods or a person who consumes mostly junk food?  How about a smoker versus a non-smoker?  What about a 20-year-old versus a middle-aged person with a weakened digestive system?  Almost everyone instinctively knows the answers to these questions.  Non-nutritive substances, toxins, and undigested food weaken your body and your ability to fight invaders such as the COVID-19 virus. 

Imagine being unable to remove all the daily garbage from your home, with a small percentage staying behind, piling up week after week.  Imaging trying to function normally while every room, hallway and doorway become increasingly cluttered with rotting garbage.  Similarly, the cells of your body cannot function at peak performance in an environment where toxins accumulate.  “Toxic clutter” impairs the movement of nutrients and oxygen into your cells, the communication between your cells, your brain activity, your immune system, and every other physiological process.  You must support the action of “taking the garbage out” in addition to making good food choices.

At the change of seasons, accumulated toxins become even more problematic.  These are important times to detoxify your body with an appropriate dietary change and the use of quality herbal formulas.

Bio-Immune by MAPI is one of my favorite formulas to nourish the body and boost immunity with an emphasis on ridding the body of harmful toxins.  I recommend it be taken for 3 months or longer, doubling the dosage beginning in the 3rd week and onward.  The addition of MAPI’s Cold Weather Defense provides yet another boost to immunity with an emphasis on the respiratory system. 

Do you have a better plan?  If so, do it.  If not, consider the use of quality herbal formulas.  At the very least, use them to gain experience and develop a frame of reference while vowing to learn and constantly improve your ability to use strategies like this.  This is part of what I am doing for my own family.  While social distancing, sanitization and other commonly discussed factors are important, supporting the strength and integrity of your body’s immune system is a far more important area of focus at this time.

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