(Needle-Free Anti-Aging)

Increase collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce skin discolorations, improve muscle tone, improve skin hue, and increase and improve blood circulatation.

Modern technology meets ancient, time-tested methods in this series. Special electrical microcurrents are used to improve circulation, tone muscles and stimulate acupuncture points on the face and neck (without needles). This is REAL anti-aging, intended to improve body function and increase cell-repair unlike typical methods in the modern med-spa.

Other practitioners charge $3000-$5000 for this type of work.

I recommend 1 series per year with monthly maintenance treatments afterwards.

Upon completion of your series you will recieve 2 FREE TREATMENTS and DISCOUNTED MAINTENANCE FACIALS if you don't miss any appointments. Why? Because consistency is a key to success and a win for us both.

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