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BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING PLEASE READ THIS FIRST   (So you don’t waste time or money)

If you want to improve your health you must address your Chemical-Nutritional foundation.  Unfortunately, most herbal formulas and supplements on the market today are of very little value, and many are toxic.  Fortunately, there are many products of supreme value, but intelligent use is required to realize their full benefit.  Let’s use some of that intelligence right now.

Chemical-Nutritional Principle #1:  Your best Chemical-Nutritional leverage comes from the principle of Seasonal Eating with Cleansing & Detoxification.  In the context of a body that is getting cleaner and more balanced over time, powerful products and techniques become exponentially more potentThat’s how you get your money’s worth, that’s how you ensure success and sustainability, and that’s how you drop jaws and blow minds with your progress.

Temporary changes are relatively easy to achieve.  Lasting change is the realm of real healing work.  Implementation of key principles takes time, effort and guidance.  Coaching is critical.  The best athletes in the world, for example, need constant coaching to stay on top of their game.  Getting healthy and staying healthy is similar because the forces of degeneration and disease are, in fact, your “competition”.  You need professional assistance to win key battles and stay in “game shape”.  There is nothing more important than health.  After all, if you lose your health, you lose everything else.

Currently, I am providing only a select few affiliate links.  It is my intention to steer you towards those products and providers that are most likely to make the biggest difference in your life (versus someone else’s bank account). Time-tested, legitimate healing principles automatically “filter” and “boil down” the millions of products and providers out there leaving just a handful of true industry leaders.  Clarity is a beautiful thing.

You will only understand the true value of Principle #1 and the Free Coaching Sample below if you follow instructions and execute.

  1. Commit to working smarter, not harder, on your health. This includes spending money wisely.  Over time, you will learn how to use principles to filter and find strategies that give you the most leverage.
  2. Click on the banner below that says “15% Off Cleanse Kits”. This will take you to LifeSpa.com.
  3. Buy John Douillard’s book “Colorado Cleanse” and a Cleansing Kit. If the Cleansing Kit is not in your budget, then use the alternatives mentioned in the book.  Plan accordingly and include the Cleansing Kit the next time you do Colorado Cleanse (which you will do to get cleaner & more balanced over time).
  4. Do the Colorado Cleanse, learn from the experience, and make plans to do it again every spring and fall (at least) for the rest of your life. That may sound extreme, but it’s not; you’d essentially be doing it anyway if you were living in harmony with nature’s cycles (as you will learn).
  5. Keep checking my website so you can take advantage of my free trainings and publications as I roll them out. Please sign up for my email alerts.  Some of the best advice you are ever going to get will be free (But don’t underestimate it!).  Remember, everything works better in a body that is constantly improving.
  6. Consider signing up for phone/Skype consultations to clarify questions you may have.

Please keep in touch.  Since 1988 my mission has been “To Help Others Experience the Exhilaration of Regeneration.”  There’s nothing else like it I can assure you.

Doug Wegner, Licensed Acupuncturist

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“Don’t deny the diagnosis; just defy the verdict that is supposed to go with it.”

–Norman Cousins


“Healing is not a pill or procedure, it’s a process.”

-Doug Wegner

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